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Home Workspace Designs With Ideas, Tips And Accessories To Help You Design Yours

Home offices are as much a part of the modern home as formal dining rooms these days - in fact, many of us repurpose underused dining areas as workspaces! A home office can be set up within almost any room. Small study areas in bedrooms are commonplace, double workspaces pop up in living rooms to accommodate demand, and even the kitchen often has more than one kind of ‘worktop’. Once you’ve found a good spot, what about the colour scheme, desk design, chair style, shelving needs, and storage furniture to keep the whole thing neat and tidy enough to live with full time? Here are our favourite workspace designs to get you started.


Use office storage furniture to shape the room layout. This arrangement of low cabinetry splits the room into a work area and a lounge.

5 | DESIGNER 曾 順勝

Screen off noise without blocking off the visual. If you don’t like the idea of being holed away from family life when in the home office, then how about a glass dividing wall? Screen out excess noise and even cooking smells (if that’s your work domain) but remain part of the action. White decor, a minimalist desk and a slender led desk lamp keeps the work stuff paled into the background.

16 | VISUALIZER Home Cult

Want your home workspace to meld more with the room? Colour match all office furniture and shelving with the wall paint colour. This home office features a stripe of mirror behind the desk to reflect the rest of the room decor too. LED strip lights illuminate the edge of the glass and aRosendahl monkey

21 | Designer: Denrakaev Photographer: Andrey Avdeenko

Match office furniture to other pieces in the room. This desk and office storage ties in smoothly with the tv wall decor next to it.

24 | Visualizer: Joy Chen

Change your area into a sophisticated office space

26 | Visualizer: MARRA GROUP

Got leftover tongue and grooveflooring? Get into the wooden wall groove.

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